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In this week's episode, I'm diving into 5 Attitudes of Successful Church Communicators. You can measure your follower growth and reach, but how do you measure your influence? You'll need that to get a lot of things done at your church. Lemme break it down for you real nice.

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88 Ideas for Church Social Media Posts
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The Seminary of Hard Knocks Podcast w/ Seth Muse

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The Seminary of Hard Knocks with Seth Muse

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 In this episode, I give you a few ideas for your pastor to post on his/her personal social media accounts that can help get them started engaging online. See the full blog of ideas here.


Church Communications from a Loveable Troll.

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Welcome to The Seminary of Hard Knocks Podcast! It's church communications from a loveable troll.

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Meghan Howard is the associate pastor at Fairborn United Methodist in Fairborn, OH. She takes "wears multiple hats" to a new level and you'll hear her story in this episode about how she has battled burnout.

Learn to recognize burnout and combat it from a veteran who has been there! Thanks for listening!


Leading Church Communications when You're not in Charge w/ Katie Allred, Ep. 32

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On this episode of The Seminary of Hard Knocks podcast...

Katie Allred stops by to talk about how church communicators can lead when they aren't in charge. It's one more way we're helping you win back your day and enjoy what you do!

Katie Allred is Digital Communications Associate at Brentwood Baptist Church in Tennessee and the co-founder of the Church Communications Facebook Group. 



How to Get Hired in Church Communications with Holly Tate of Vanderbloemen Search Group

Holly is the Director of Business Development at Vanderbloemen, a pastor search firm that knows what churches are looking for when it comes to hiring staff. She shares a lot of great insights for those looking for a job as well as those who already have a job and just need some direction. 

She's a ton of fun, so don't miss this episode of The Seminary of Hard Knocks podcast with Seth Muse!


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Communicating Vision During a Capital Campaign

Adam McLaughlin of and his pastor at Life Church in Ft. Meyers, FL, Ryan Deaton stop by to discuss how they communicated their vision to their church during a capital campaign.

Capital campaigns are the WORST! But these guys managed to bring their church through it smiling and giving as much as or more than they were beforehand! Hear their success story in this episode and connect with them using the links below.

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Adam on Twitter // Ryan on Twitter

Life Church

Advancing the Kingdom Magazine

Isn't the Name of Jesus by Covenant Worship

Armed and Ready by Sweet Comfort Band (full disclosure, I chose this song because of the epic album cover alone.)



The Seminary of Hard Knocks helps pastors and ministry leaders make better decisions with confidence and clarity!

In This Show:

- How coaches can help leaders lead well.

- What makes a good coach?


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Kenny Jahng is an entrepreneur, former church staffer, and church social media guru. He now spearheads a "done for you" church social media company called Church Butler and helps churches understand and utilize online giving at

My conversation with Kenny today is about nine ways you can involve your people in church growth. Show notes are available at

Visit for more on church leadership and communications. Make better decisions with confidence and clarity!


In this episode, I talk with Josh Blankenship about how to continue learning without school. Many leaders are thrown into situations where they must quickly learn something new or it's a bust! 

Josh has worked in high-demand churches and some slower-paced ones and he has learned the number one thing they have in common: Leaders must always be bettering themselves.

We talk bout a few hacks that can help you continue learning new tricks, even if you're an old dog! 

Get the show notes for today's episode HERE.


Tom Pounder has been in youth ministry for almost 20 years. Just recently he began a transition out of youth ministry and into church communications.  Transitions are a part of ministry life and how you handle them can make or break you. My conversation with Tom gives great insight to how pastors should look at transitions and some good and bad ways to handle it. Tom is the host of the YM Sidekick podcast and blogs at


Today on the podcast Wes Gay stops by to talk about Millennials, great feedback systems for organizations, and how to cook a perfect steak! Wes is passionate about equipping his generation to become the greatest generation of leaders. Through a process called the Millennial Pipeline, he helps organizations build cultures that create leaders worth following. He's an executive coach, consultant, and contributor, or he finds out what companies do to find and keep great millennial talent. Show Notes can be found at


One of the most common questions I hear from ministry leaders is how to recruit, train, lead, and even dismiss volunteers. In this episode, I hang out with an old friend to talk about how to go about leading a team of volunteers well. Michael Wallace has been in student ministry for almost 17 years and has led large volunteer teams with excellence during that time. Catch his Creative Student Ministry podcast on iTunes!


I share the worst prayer request I've ever heard on this episode of The Seminary of Hard Knocks Podcast! What could your people really mean when they say that the worship band is "too loud?" Put on your squishy earplugs and let's find out while we headbang to some God of Wonders, dude. If you like what you hear, find more practical ministry insights at


Seth sits down with friend and youth pastor, Jeff Harding, of Trinity Fellowship Church in Richardson, TX. Seth and Jeff have collaborated on several events with their youth ministries during Seth's time as a youth pastor. Jeff and Seth have a great time in the studio talking about previous events: what went wrong, what went right, and how collaborating enhanced their ministries at their respective churches!


Part 2 of a very insightful conversation between friends about race relations in America today.  


Part 1 of a very insightful conversation between friends about race relations in America today.


Leaders delegate so that they can do what only they can do. In this week's session of the podcast, Seth talks about five key steps to delegating tasks well so that new leaders are trained up and you can get back to doing what you do best!


Numbers matter, but sometimes actually limit our ministry reach. No matter how large or small your church is, these four systems are vital and necessary for any ministry to be successful!


Chuck Norris isn't safe. Neither is Jesus. Let me tell you about the time I met Chuck at an eighth grade girls basketball game. As we play it safe in ministry, we actually could be missing what God is calling us to.


Welcome to the Seminary of Hard Knocks! This podcast is designed to help ministry leaders make confident decisions with clear purpose!


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