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In this week's episode, I'm diving into 5 Attitudes of Successful Church Communicators. You can measure your follower growth and reach, but how do you measure your influence? You'll need that to get a lot of things done at your church. Lemme break it down for you real nice.

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88 Ideas for Church Social Media Posts
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This week, Lucas Kitchen, of, stops by to talk with me about how the church can reach non-believers with the Gospel online. That may sound like an impossibility, but Lucas has had some success and shares his ideas with us.

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If something like the whistling theme from The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly plays in your head when you go into “spiritual discussion mode,” then you probably are doing more damage than good.

Unfortunately, many spiritual conversations end up in arguments over dinosaurs on the ark or whether or not Jonah was really swallowed by a fish instead of the real issue of sin and our need for Jesus.

But it’s not just because Christians are bad at civil conversation. It’s because everyone is bad at civil conversation.

The next time you’re headed into a creation vs. evolution argument, give my (non-Buddhist) 8-fold path to a great spiritual conversation a shot.

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Justin Bass  helps us to answer those who have objections to a few aspects of Christianity. In this episode, we talk about how to answer those who say the Bible is written too late and was changed over time, those who say Jesus never rose from the dead, and those who say Jesus never claimed to be God. Dr. Bass has debated publically on these topics and carries a doctorate in New Testament Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary, where he is an adjunct professor. Go to for show notes and links discussed in the podcast.


Part 2 of a very insightful conversation between friends about race relations in America today.  


Part 1 of a very insightful conversation between friends about race relations in America today.


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