December 27, 2020

There’s No “Ta-da!” in TEAM, Ep. 137

THE SEMINARY OF HARD KNOCKS PODCAST with Seth Muse and Meagan Ranson
Church Communications | Marketing | Social Media


You're a church staff member sitting in the crowd and you hear an announcement about your area of ministry that you had NO IDEA was happening. Ever been there? Pulling a rabbit out of a hat is a welcome time for "Ta-Da!" but when it comes to working with leaders who hate magic but enjoy the big reveal, it's frustrating. This episode explains why playing your cards close to the chest, big reveals, and mixing metaphors is not a good leadership strategy!


In this Episode:

  • TA-DA! moments are for crowds, not coworkers.
  • Four negative things ta-da moments do to teams
  • How different team members take it when you go for mysterious instead of clear.


Blog Version: There's No Ta-Da! in TEAM

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