January 31, 2022

Reframing what we call Gathering w/Dave Adamson - Season 1, Ep. 01

The definition of a Biblical "gathering" today has expanded. We are going to look at the Biblical definition of gathering, also called worship, and see how (or if) it can be applied to online and digital spaces!

Hebrews 10:25 has been the primary Scripture that many have used to push back against church online. Meanwhile, many churches are forced to respond to the realities of the pandemic. Now on the backend of the pandemic, churches are faced with a decision: how do we go forward with the digital expression of the church now that people are starting to come back?

They have responded one of three ways: 1) Go back to prioritizing in-person and simply streaming services to FB/YT, 2) Going all-in with a hybrid approach to in-person and online services, or 3) going back to prioritizing in-person services while attempting an online strategy with no extra resources, manpower, or attention from leadership.

Our Guest today is no stranger to the controversy surrounding the issue of what the future of the online church may look like. After being published in an article by a major news network, the passion of all sides of the issue came out in the comments!

It’s been a long journey for Dave Adamson to today, as we near the release of his forthcoming book on the subject called Discipleclick: How to use digital ministry to reach people and make disciples.


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Go HERE to learn more about Dave's Discipleclick book

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