In 2021, Ryan Wakefield and the Church Marketing University team did something bold. Instead of continuing to talk about what a hybrid worship service would look like, they decided to create one and see for themselves.


Because everybody knows that when it comes to hybrid worship services and vegetables, your mom wants you to try it because you might like it.


What would it look like if both the digital space and the face-to-face worship were seen as equally important on Sunday mornings?


Imagine that no one can tell you "no" and suddenly, you DO have the money and manpower to make it happen. What would you do? Get rid of that organ, that's what. But then what?


Well, we did it and we learned a ton. In this episode, Ryan and Seth talk about what went well and not so well in our test of all these theories in real-time. 



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What would it take for your church to embrace the digital space just like you do the face-to-face as a legit ministry? How would you even do it? 

If you're kicking those kinds of questions around, this episode with Jason Moore will help you process the practical side of running a hybrid ministry. He calls it "Both/And" and his new book by the same title lays out the framework. 

We talk about Both/And (physical and digital) ministry, church communications, and more in this episode of The Seminary of Hard Knocks!


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Churches with limited budget often find themselves in a difficult spot. They want to upgrade technology to reach an ever-changing and upwardly mobile community, but the money just isn't there.

Brandon is the tech director at FBC Porter and assists other churches with tech and media budget issues. He gives us a few hacks to keep money in your pocket while still reaching the tech-savvy people in our churches!

Show Notes: 

I share the worst prayer request I've ever heard on this episode of The Seminary of Hard Knocks Podcast! What could your people really mean when they say that the worship band is "too loud?" Put on your squishy earplugs and let's find out while we headbang to some God of Wonders, dude. If you like what you hear, find more practical ministry insights at

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