Every comms team struggles with getting good photography. Whether it's finding the talent to volunteer or it's how photographers turn in photos to use or even training them to know what photos you will need, photography impacts your social media, website, and promotional graphics profoundly!

So I talked to a guy who has basically mastered this issue at every step, Zach Zamora. He is the Media and Communications Pastor at New Life Church in Corpus Christi, TX and we talk extensively about how to get good volunteers, train them, get great photos, and how to actually GET them!





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The Seminary of Hard Knocks podcast:

Tales from the Trenches Edition!

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This week I tell a story of ultimate humiliation. When does a fun office environment become a toxic one? When does a fun boss become a bully? I'll tell you about a humiliating experience I had at the hands of a boss that you won't believe. Did we fight? Hug it out? You'll have to find out!

The Seminary of Hard Knocks is produced by sethmuse.com, where church communications are fun, Instagram is life, and no one feels like an idiot.

The Seminary of Hard Knocks podcast with Seth Muse

Church Communications and Social Media with a chuckle or two.

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In this week's episode, I'm going to open up about my journey down the road from youth ministry to communications. I talk about transitions and how I began learning from others until I realized a central truth: a person is only as strong as his/her network. When I realized I couldn't make the transition alone and that I had access to the best of the best just because I had the internet, it forever changed my life. Let me share what I've learned with you.

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88 Ideas for Church Social Media Posts

The Seminary of Hard Knocks with Seth Muse

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Alex Johnston is a church communicator with a background in news journalism. Find out how she digs up stories like a reporter to keep her church's vision and mission front and center on social media and their website! 

The Seminary of Hard Knocks podcast with Seth Muse

Show notes available at www.sethmuse.com/43 

In this episode, I talk with Robert Carnes of Orange Leaders about telling better stories in the church as well as his new book The Original Storyteller. This is a fun conversation full of wise insight on how you can communicate the Gospel more clearly than ever before!

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Church Announcements Done Right w/ Adam McLaughlin

Get 88 Ideas for Church Social Media Posts now!

Adam is the Communications Director at Life Church in Ft. Meyers, FL. He has had a lot of success at his church with both live announcements and video announcements, and he shares what has worked for them both on this episode of The Seminary of Hard Knocks Podcast and in the eBook, SnorkleFork. You'll have to listen to the show to find out what the title means.

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Ben Stapley from Liquid Church stops by to give us a LOT of practical insight on how to capture those really great video testimonies and baptism stories. He even talks about how to collect stories in your church for videos!

From the pre-interview stage to places to find music tracks for post editing, this podcast has information well worth the hundreds of dollars you would have to spend to learn it elsewhere!

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Amusing Yourself to Death by Neil Postman

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Seth's addition: Soundstripe.com

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