The Art of Digital Listening with Kevin Fontenot

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If you want to deliver compelling messages to your followers, you will need to do a little research at first. You'll have to practice the art of listening online to see what your people care about and struggle with most. Only then will you be able to learn how to minister to them properly via your church's social media channels.

Kevin is a marketing professional for Trained Up and helps churches all over to focus their message and reach new people. 


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In this episode:

You approach a large door. Do you go in? Y or N

You open the door and find a huge troll? Do you (A)ttack, (R)un or use (M)agic?

If you've been in charge of social media of a company or church, you've likely encountered internet trolls before. What do you do? 

Out of nowhere, they bash your pastor, call your church a cult, and pray God sends plagues! 

Justin Dean has been through it all and stops by the podcast to talk about how we should handle trolls and other magical beasts as we manage our church's social media.